DR. K Shield Easy Stick Kare For U, disinfectant and sterilizer stick (1 unit)

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Original made in Korea

Certified by BAUA (Germany), KFDA (Korea) and WHO

FDA approved

TYPE: DR.K Shield Easy Stick Kare For U, disinfectant and sterilizer stick (1 unit)

*Made and Original from Korea manufacturer. Resell for Malaysia market only.
Certified by BAUA (Germany), KFDA (Korea) and WHO

Size: 150 x 15(mm) Weight: 0.036kg (1 unit)

Protect Yourself And Your Family From Virus & Bacteria With Dr.K Shield

Why choose Easy Stick Dr.K Shield?
– Eco Friendly & Pure purified chroline dioxide (CIO2)
– Non toxic & Non carcinogenic
– No residue
– Safe to use

Designed to provide optimal airborne protection against airborne virus & bacteria up to 28 days. Dr. K Shield disperses chlorine dioxide gas to help sterilize, disinfect and deodorize the air in the immediate surroundings for healthy breathing.

Effectively eliminates 99.9% virus and bacteria surround you.

*Suggested use: Carry it with you by hanging on the lanyard. Suitable for indoor area, groceries, supermarket, office and public area. Stay away from sunlight and hot weather.

*Activate it by placing both thumbs on the middle of easy stick, bend and crack it. Shake few times and let it stands until it turns yellow. During the usage period of weeks, yellow colour will slowly turn and look like white transparent once the easy stick no longer effective.

TAKE NOTE: Keep this out of reach of children to avoid any forms of misuse of the product. Do not expose to hot temperature and weather. Do not put into the freezer. Do not peel the transparent plastic on the easy stick.

Do not let your skin, eye and nose have direct contact with the liquid content.

*Certificates infor: https://www.kareforu.com/certificate

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