Softlan Intense Perfume 1.3L

Softlan Intense Perfume 1.3L Eternal Concentrated Fabric Softener Refill Pack

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With Softlan Intense Perfume (Red) Eternal Fabric Softener, discover an intense fruity floral fragrance with a velvety character. Raspberries and strawberries combined with cherry blossoms and magnolia for this everlasting classic.

Softlan’s Intense Perfume Fabric Softener provides irresistible softness and long-lasting fragrance for your clothes, leaving them:

– Softer – Fresher – Easier to iron – Static Free – With Less Wrinkles – Irresistible Softness – Captivating, Long-lasting Fragrance – More comfortable to wear

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Weight 1.45 kg
Dimensions 10 × 16 × 28.5 cm